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As the internet organically grows, common terms have now started spawning sub-genres. A key point coming up a lot is websites re branding themselves as WebApps. Today, we try to see the major differences between them. The major difference between them is that a website is almost always defined by the static content it has, like wikipedia, or youtube. On the other hand, a Web App is defined by the service it provides, and the way it interacts with the user, like web.skype or 4shared. In other words, a website can have a static backup of it’s complete content, which is shown as is to all users, while a Web App requires a programmatic logic that works on user input and produces a unique output. Realistically speaking, almost all websites that have content coming in real fast rely on deep programmatic (and/or database) logic, but the end result is that they’re only defined by their (momentarily) static content. Web Applications, however, are essentially programs that are running on a remote computer, and it always depends on user input, a processor and a data storage in the backend. Hope this clears up the difference for you.